West Ridge Equine Healthcare Plans

We offer affordable equine healthcare plans to ensure your horse stays healthy and happy. Our annual packages cover your horse’s basic healthcare needs such as vaccinations, worm counts and dental checks. Furthermore, our packages are more cost effective than the individual services. To find out more or enrol your horse on a West Ridge Equine healthcare plan, please get in touch.

Happy Hacker Package – £160 + VAT

  • Free annual visit at your convenience
  • Influenza and tetanus vaccination
  • Dental check and treatment
  • Worm egg count 4 times a year at your convenience 
  • Optional EHV at an extra cost of £25+VAT

Keen Competitor Package – £308 + VAT

  • Two free annual visits 
  • 6 monthly Influenza and Equine Herpes Virus Vaccinations
  • Annual tetanus vaccine if required 
  • 6 monthly dental check-ups and appropriate treatment
  • 6 monthly assessment of your horse and trot up
  • Annual general health profile blood test 
  • Worm egg counts 4 times a year at your convenience 

Benefits of Healthcare Packages

Signing up to a healthcare package is beneficial for the well-being of your beloved horse. It can also save you the hassle of having to remember when to arrange visits. As a result, you can have peace of mind your horses worming, dental and vaccination needs are met when they need to be. In addition, our packages include at least one visit where we will examine your horse. This is important for identifying any new problems and treating them before they become more serious issues.

Equine Healthcare Products

We sell a range of equine healthcare products which you can buy from our Lapford office or request we bring along with us to your next visit. Our products include the following:

West Ridge Equine Hoof Support

West Ridge Equine Magic Hoof Oil

West Ridge Equine Joint Aid

West Ridge Equine Electrolytes

West Ridge Equine Gastric Defence

West Ridge Equine Haemotonic

West Ridge Equine Mud Fever Cream

West Ridge Equine Anti- Itch Lotion (Contains Benzyl- Benzoate)

Contact West Ridge Equine Vets

To discuss our equine healthcare plans in Devon, please get in touch. Signing up is easy. Either call us or speak to your vet on your next visit.